Drake responded to the ‘leaked’ rumors on the Internet

Drake responded to the leaked rumors on the Internet

Many people are talking about Drake on social media. He is a rapper who was on a TV show called Degrassi. He is more popular than Toby Keith, a singer who died on Monday night.

On Tuesday, people said they saw a bad video of Drake on X (previously Twitter), a social media app. Adin Ross is a famous person who makes videos online. He knows Drake and has his phone number. He sent Drake a funny message and said he was very lucky. Drake sent him back a message with eight smiley faces.

No one has a picture of the messages between Adin Ross and Drake. But they are friends and they talk on the phone sometimes. Drake has not said anything about the video. His last post on Instagram was about his new tour with Lil Durk and J. Cole. He said it would be “BIGGER & BIGGER.”

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