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What is Privacy Policy

Do you need a privacy policy for your website but don’t know where to start? Then Look no further!!

You can create a personalized privacy policy using our simple tool in just a few minutes. Our tool will generate a personalized report after you simply enter the information about your website and respond to a few questions regarding your data collection and usage practices.

Protect your website and your users with a privacy policy that outlines your data collection and usage practices. Avoid legal complications and build trust with your website visitors by generating a privacy policy using our tool today. Our privacy policy generator is perfect for small business owners, bloggers, and website owners who want to ensure that their websites are compliant with data protection regulations.

Don’t let the process of creating a privacy policy overwhelm you. Use our Privacy Policy Generator Tool to create a custom privacy policy for your website in just a few minutes.

Free Privacy Policy Generator Tool for Blogger, WordPress and other Websites

Compliant with Data Protection Regulations

Free Privacy Policy Generator Tool for Blogger, WordPress and other websites and application in Compliance with Data Protection Regulations. Generate your own Privacy Policy with this Easy-to-Use tool

GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation, Indian Consumer Privacy Act, 1956, California Consumer Protection Act and many more Privacy laws around the world
Use our Privacy Policy Generator to create this policy for your business. You can use the policy for:
Websites,Mobile apps, E-commerce stores, SaaS apps, Facebook apps and more




Copy Privacy Policy

How To Use It?

Step 1: Navigate to the Privacy Policy Generator Tool section.

Step 1

Step 2: Only three fields are required to get the Privacy Policy for your website and then click on ‘Generate Code’.

Step 2

Step 3: Your Privacy Policy is generated in the format of HTML code. Now Scroll down and click the ‘Copy’ button.

Step 3

Now there are two ways to add this privacy policy to your page

  • By directly pasting the code to the HTML code of your webpage and then you are done
  • The second way is by converting the HTML code to text format and then pasting it on the webpage

Here is the easiest way to convert HTML Code to Text

Step 1: Click on this link and navigate to the website Codepen. Then Click on Start Coding.

Step 4

Step 2: Paste the HTML code to the HTML section.

Step 5

Step 3: Your Text is generated on the right side screen, copy the text and paste it on your webpage.

Step 6

Why Do We Need a Privacy Policy?

The way your website gathers, uses, and safeguards user data is described in a privacy policy. It is necessary for any website that gathers users’ data, like email addresses or payment information. Being open and honest with your users about how their data is used, a privacy policy your website safe and also fosters user trust.

Although creating a privacy policy may seem difficult, but it is easy and straightforward with the help of our Privacy Policy Generator Tool. Our tool makes sure that your privacy statement complies with data protection laws and is customized to your website’s particular data collection and usage procedures.

Don’t leave your website vulnerable to legal complications and mistrust from your users. Use [Your Brand Name]’s Privacy Policy Generator Tool to protect your website and your users by creating a customized privacy policy today.

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